Bucket List

So far, I’ve been blessed with what I’ve been able to see and do when traveling. If you check out my page with my experiences, you can see the smattering of activities. However, this is the page where I’ll outline what I hope to do and accomplish.

  • Go snorkeling between tectonic plates in Iceland.
  • Take the Trans-Siberian all the way.
  • Visit the most extreme points of Russia.
  • Stay in a yurt in Mongolia.
  • Stay a winter in Svalbard.
  • Visit the ruins of Petra in Jordan.
  • Visit all seven continents.
  • Visit the Falkland Islands.
  • Visit North Korea. I know, I know, it’s North Korea, but I’d love to see inside the world’s most secretive country.
  • Visit the “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan.