Favorite travel authors

I figured that in the spirit of sharing, I’d let everybody know who my favorite travel authors are. They range from the serious to hilarious to observant to factual to helpful, so it’s a great balance to have. The order may not necessarily reflect how good they are, as each of them have their own certain aspects that they’re better of in writing. Without further ado, here are my favorite travel authors.

1. Paul Theroux. He’s had decades of experience in traveling, and it shows up in his works. He’s gone to places like Oceania, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Why I like him is that he’s able to take you on a journey and have you reflect on it. Basically, you feel awed at what he’s seen, and it really makes you want to plan our own journeys. He really is the industry’s threshold for adventure and writing. I’d highly recommend anybody in checking out his works.

2. J. Maarten Troost. He’s gone to the lesser traveled places, and by that, I mean the more obscure islands of the Pacific, as well as having spent time in China. The way he writes is absolutely hilarious, and I will admit that I laughed my ass off reading his whimsical and self-deprecating style. He makes having suffered through new places and cultures an absolute hoot to read about, and you will be hard pressed to put his three books down.

3. Chuck Thompson. As he was in the travel writing industry as a former magazine editor as well as other related careers, he’s seen it all and suffered through it all; his perspective on travel contains great, sharp commentary that actually has helped me when I’m traveling. The way he writes is serious and anecdotal at the same time, and his anecdotes ar brilliant. Plus, he gets my nod as a guy who’s willingly been to the commonly viewed “shit holes” of the world and survived to tell the tale-the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Mexico, and…Disney World (he explains why there). He also had a great book entailing the behind the scenes look at travel and travel writing, which to me, is very much appreciated.

4. Bill Bryson, need I say more? Very witty author that makes acute social observations while making you roll on the ground laughing. All of his stuff that I’ve read have been a treat to read.

5. Glen Heggsted. This is a guy who’s made several trips around the world on a motorcycle, so he’s seen it all. Honestly, I’m envious of some parts of his journey, and it makes me want to go to more places; I guess that my wish list of places to travel to have been expanded mainly due to his travels.


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