Travel tips: free (walking) tours

I like to think that this might be one of my more helpful tips for when you’re at your destination. Free tours are an absolutely great thing to do when you’re abroad. Not only are they free and thus save you money for other things on vacation, but you get to see more things in the company of a local. Alright, so what’s the difference between this and a normal tour that you pay for? For one, it’s more mobile, and if you don’t like the free tour, you can always walk away from it. Thus, even though you might see some of the same things that you would on a bus tour that you paid for, these free tours offer far more flexibility. Also, my favorite reason why free tours are great is because of the guides. These guides work for tips, and so they, at least what I’ve experienced, have been nothing short of awesome; they were super informed, showed us some stuff that we may not have seen otherwise, and made the few hours on their tour simply phenomenal. Speaking from experience, having a monotonous and generally dull tour guide can put a damper on the awesome sights you see, so the humor and liveliness displayed by these free tour guides have gone a long way when I’ve been in new cities. I can’t recommend them enough!


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