Travel tips: hostels

First of all, sorry for the influx of travel tips, just that they’re currently what I’m thinking about and I don’t want to forget them. Yet another one of my travel tips is to try to stay in hostels whenever possible. This may apply more to Europe, but if you can find a suitable hostel anywhere else in the world, I’d say go for it. For monetary reasons, they save you quite a bit as opposed to hotels, allowing for you to partake in more excursions or events in your travels. They also allow you to meet new people from all walks of life; I’ve met some Australian backpackers to friendly Germans to Slovenes to Spaniards bicyclers, by staying in hostels. Even being able to compare stories and itineraries are possible thanks to the openness of hostels. They’re small, yes, and offer the basic amenities (i.e., beds, toilet, and shower), but honestly, I’ll take them. Another advantage that I’ve encountered with hostels so far is that their locations are generally convenient. In Iceland, our hostel was literally right across from the bus spot, while in Denmark, we were about a 5-10 minute’s walk from downtown; you can’t beat these types of locations. The staff at these hostels also help you plan trips (very much the case in our Icelandic hostel) as well as are very helpful with finding locations. Maybe the basic amenities of hostels don’t appeal to everyone, and lord knows that the fancy comforts of hotels can be alluring, but hostels are a great alternative to hotels.


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