Travel tip: expect the unexpected

This probably goes without saying, but odd things will happen on your trips. Itineraries will break apart, you get lost for hours, your transportation options go kaput, you unexpectedly had to pay more while in town, certain museums that headlined your itineraries were closed, etc. While they’re frustrating, you can make the most of them.You’ll meet friendly locals that you might not have crossed paths with save for these events; lord knows that I’ve made new friends thanks to these things happening. Sometimes you’ll even come away with crazy stories that you can wow your friends with at home. Just look at these things as experiences that you’ll laugh at when you’re at home reminiscing about your trip(s).

School trip in 2009. Within the very first hours of being in Ireland, our bus breaks down. In the middle of nowhere. Though we got an extended look at the amazing Irish scenery.


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