Travel tip: conversion rates and ATMs

This is part advice/part tale of not doing what I did in Hungary and miscount the math behind the conversion rates. I knew that the Hungarian forint was roughly 1/100th of the US dollar, so if I wanted about $20 for the day and possibly the next day, I’d get 2000 forints. However, for whatever reason that happened that fateful very first day of my trip, I ended up extraordinarily messing up the math and took out $200 worth of forints. Whoops. And I was using my parents’ debit card, so they got to see my mathematical mistake-that made for one heck of a conversation when I got back home. Basically, make sure your math is correct when withdrawing currencies, because it really sucks to have deal with the aftermath of said mistake. Fortunately, I was able to convert my leftover forints into Czech korunas, but I lost a ton of money having to convert them; while it lets you recuperate some of the money you spent, it still doesn’t completely salvage the transaction. And finally, this very early mistake earned me the nickname Magyar McMoneybags III, esquire for the rest of the trip. I deserved it too.


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