Hang Massive: unique street musicians

Unique street musicians

These were two guys performing on the side streets in Stockholm, called Hang Massive (you can see links of theirs in this photo, that I highly encourage you to check out). I don’t know what their instruments were, but it was some sort of half-circle steel drum hybrid; their instruments also are very rare, as only a few are made every year in Switzerland. It was amazing at how they controlled their pitches and tones, as it seemingly involved the same techniques like those crystallophones that you may have seen or heard. The music was suave, and if you closed your eyes, you would have thought that you were in the Caribbean; they were mellow and haunting. These guys attracted a decent sized crowd too, and they reciprocated the attention by playing some funkier tunes. I’m bummed that I couldn’t get their CD, as this duo had some great tunes. Guess I’ll resort to listening to them on YouTube then.


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