Estonian parliament: a contrast with other government buildings

Continuing with my Estonian themed posts of late, I figured write about the time I went up to their parliament building. You may be thinking that it was full of security or at least somewhat sheltered from the general populace, as the White House is swarming with both of those. Nope. In fact, it was very open-I was actually shocked that you basically could walk up to it without being checked or anything. Coming from outside the Washington, D.C. area back home, this was a radical concept; I guess the Estonians are very welcoming and honest, so they don’t need to worry about dishonest and troublesome people. We even had one of their members of parliament drive up semi sheepishly and enter, which struck me as one of the most profound things to expect from someone who helps drive a country. All in all, it was a very unique and somewhat enlightening experience.

Note the ladder leading up to it. It really tied in with the whole opening thing, that you could access the back from the street.


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