from © perfectlightphotography in Dublin.

Next week we’re off to Dublin, the Unesco City of Literature! Reason good enough to present this black & white impressions from Ireland, foremost Achill Island.

On Keel beach

Perfectlight is a Dublin based photographer with a passion for sport photography and seascapes.

Achill Sound – with a view over Bleannahooey Strand

Achill Island is one of my favourite spots in Ireland, Heinrich Böll lived around the corner and loved it too. Thank you, Joan O’Malley, for taking me there!

Evening over Minaun heights, as seen from the main street in Keel village

Heinrich Böll wrote his “Irisches Tagebuch” here. Sorry about that, but my book is german, I quote the first sentence:

Croaghaun, from the top of Minaun heights

“Als ich an Bord des Dampfers ging, sah ich, hörte und roch ich, dass ich eine Grenze überschritten hatte; eine von Englands lieblichen Seiten hatte ich…

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