Lee Castillio

This weekend I went to the little island between Sweden and Finland; Åland. The island is a autonomy and is totally Swedish speaking, but belongs to Finland. It’s lying just in the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. The name Åland hails from the forn-nordic word of “ahvaland”, which means “water land”, but later became Áland, and then Åland. If you’re to directly translate it into Swedish, Åland means “River Island”.

Anyway, I never set my foot on Åland, just landed in their harbour by ferry. Before I’ve only done that in the summer, but still, Åland by winter… I have NO words. Do you? Usually I’m very impressed by photos and films of an tropical island and stuff like that, but this really makes my MY SWEDISH SOUL cry by pure joy. Cold as hell, but beautiful as in heaven.

004 - Kopia005 - Kopia006 - Kopia007 - Kopia008 - Kopia

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