Suggestion of the day: One way to learn a language

This will be a quick little post here, as I haven’t really posted anything original in a while. As the title suggests, I’ve been trying to teach myself another language, in this case it’s Icelandic. Given that this isn’t a language where related material are few and far between, it was a bit of a blessing when I stumbled upon the Colloquial Series’ Complete Course for Beginners to Icelandic. This book has been awesome to learn Icelandic from, and it’s very well done; the examples are great and you genuinely feel that you can learn it quickly and easily. While I haven’t had the opportunity to check out any of their other language books, they offer a fairly significant selection-all major languages are covered and then some (for example, Gujurati and Scottish Gaelic are among them). If you are going abroad, say, Europe, and want to learn the languages of the local countries, I’d highly recommend these series of books for you. You can find them at


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