A Word in Your Ear


If you want peace and quiet, a place to branch out into food and wine country and a round of golf on the number one course in Australia,  Bridport is the place to head to.


The first impression when I arrived was that this was a  one horse town with very  little to do.   How wrong  could I be.  First, the town resides along an estuary/beach and is worth a wander in the evening when the tide turns, it has a wildflower wetland and really good beaches.


Second the locals are very friendly, .  Third the seafood is fresh and delicious.  Fourth I bought a very cheap and desperately flattering hat (not) to keep the sun off my head.  Fifth the local supermarket sells homemade food.  Sixth the golfcourse is over-rated and expensive (in my opinion).

5bHowever the views around the golf course and the wildlife are worth the walk.

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