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View of Wineglass bay from lookout

For me, one of the highlights of this trip was always going to be a visit to Wineglass Bay.   Passing through the town of Coles Bay we arrived at the walking track starting point which the pink granite outcrops of the Hazards towered.    The walk up to the view-point down to the bay and back again takes about 2.5 – 3 hours.   The trek is tough, the multitudes of mosquitoes have the characteristics of stealth bombers ie. silent and deadly and the horse flies are persistent.  Anyone thinking of attempting this walk should take good walking shoes, lather themselves in repellent and pack a lot of fresh water.


Tantalising glimpses of the bay could be seen on the steep rough track that led down to the bay but nothing prepared me for the beauty of this place when I finally walked onto the beach.

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