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At the end of the road that cuts through the Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, past the orange and yellow fields patterned by fibrous long-stemmed black spinofax, lies Queenstown.  To get to the settlement the road climbs steeply up past deforested mountains and disused black buildings silhouetted against a gashed landscape of  stratified abandoned quarries before dropping into the valley.


In 1818 gold and copper were discovered here whilst in 1880 silver and lead were found in the small settlement of Zeehan close by.   The surrounding area of deserted buildings, stripped land and exposed quarry faces is testament to an era gone by.  Today, all that remains is a small copper industry, a historic museum and a few locals attempting to make a living from mining and the wilderness railway tourist attraction.  Unfortunately, even these look like they are due to close and Queenstown may be destined  to…

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