Nature’s beauty

Earlier today I came back from visiting my roommate near Charlottesville, Virginia, and it was a great time. While I know I can write a lot about spending the 4th of July with him, I plan on talking about the scenery and the drive. Yes, the drive. I live in Northern Virginia, which is right by Washington, D.C., so it’s fair to say that I’m a city boy. Yet, driving through central Virginia was absolutely fascinating, and had I not been driving by myself, I would have taken several pictures of the land. Time after time I found myself admiring the gorgeous land from the car-the sun was radiant, the fields were pristine, and the backdrop of the mountains capped it off. Talking to my friend, I was surprised that there weren’t more wineries, as there would be plentiful space; it just shows how free things are once you get out of the city for a bit. At any rate, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous, and reinforces why I love my state!

Honestly, I found myself at peace driving down those backroads. I was able to see how other people around the state lived, and to me it seemed like they don’t have to worry about things that people in the cities have the worry about. With my iPod providing the soundtrack, I was treated to a great time and a phenomenal drive; the sun and the breeze of driving with the windows down was absolutely fantastic! If you can, break away from the hustle and bustle and get away from it all!


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