Final thoughts on my trip

I know that I wrote a recap of my trip to the Czech Republic a few days ago, but I felt that it wasn’t quite the climatic post, so to speak, about it. I wanted to talk about how travel really helps you develop as a person; I think that having to adapt to different languages, customs, and culture is one of life’s tests of character. I’ll admit to being nervous at times, but hey, having a flight delayed or nearly missing your train is part of the experience-you never know what magic may happen from the unexpected, after all. And a funny thing happened: I enjoyed my times where I had to regroup for plan B. I got to see more of the country, as well as getting to enjoy the hospitality of the Czechs; it reinforced that regardless of language barriers, locals and foreigners are one and the same. For that, I would like to thank the amazing people of the Czech Republic for making my time there an absolutely fantastic one. This was my first ever solo trip, and while there were some nerve wracking moments, I was all the best for it. I learned how to book hostels (as well as what not to do), plan out itineraries/how to budget my time, be financially responsible, and generally navigate the world of travel. It was arduous at times, but it was a special feeling taking care of them. After all of that, I’ve felt more and more confident about myself and my skills, and I couldn’t be happier. So, thank you again everyone. From my parents to the friends I made along the way to the Czechs I encountered, thank you. Thank you for not only making my time in the country great, but also for helping me develop as a person.


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