10 ‘hacks’ for first time visitors to Reykjavík

I’d personally put the hot dogs as number one!

Iceland, Defrosted


1. Water. It’s the best in the world. It comes out of the tap for free. Don’t buy it in bottles! Hafdís Huld once gave me a huge telling off for buying water in Iceland. She was absolutely right.

2. Places to hide. Reykjavik City Hall (Ráðhús Reykjavíkur) is a great place to hide from the Icelandic weather. You can watch the bird life on Tjörnin, drink coffee or ogle the huge 3d map of Iceland.
Otherwise, Harpa has great coffee, interesting architecture and free tours. Both are warm and dry!

3. Buses in the city are great, but you need the exact change, and they don’t accept cards. On the plus side, they have free wifi on board, and even at some bus stops. Oh, and the website/app is amazing – you can even see a live map of where the buses are – www.straeto.is

4. Alcohol still isn’t…

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