Bear Island: Boundary stone in a boundless sea

This is a fantastic look about the Svalbard archipelago!


Today we dare to publish an untypically long blog-text of the expedition leader Rolf Stange. Rolf did guide our beloved Master and us around Svalbard and NE Greenland. He, a specialist for Spitsbergen and Bear Island, kindly wrote this text about an Arctic island at the end of the world. We will publish the whole English text first and then the German text because it’s easier to read. But you will find different pictures in both texts.
We Bookfayries wish you a happy journey to the end of the world, where Roald Amundsen died when he tried to rescue Nobile. For our bookworms we recommend the Bear-Island-novel by Martin Mosebach “Prince of the Mist”.

Heute trauen wir uns einen bloguntypisch langen Text des Expeditionsleiters Rolf Stange zu bringen. Rolf hat vor Jahren Masterchen mit uns durch Spitzbergen und NO Grönland geführt, was atemberaubend war. Als Spezialist für Spitzbergen und die…

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