Quick little update

Hi guys, just wanted to keep you updated as to what I’m up to. As I type, I’m enjoying my layover in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, as I am on my way home! After nine months of being in Moscow, I’m now using my (much needed) vacation time to take a week off and visit home, and I’m very excited for that! Today’s trip will be 19 hours, but it’ll be absolutely worth it! I got up at 4:15 (which was pretty sunny and warm at that point of the morning, to be honest) and did some last minute checks for packing. As I was panicking about getting to the airport two hours before departure, as I had no idea how Russian airport security would be like, I hustled to get to the metro as it was opening at 5:30. I admittedly was scared, given how we waited 10 minutes to leave the station, which added to the 50 minute trip to the Aeroexpress train station. I had already paid $8 for the ticket for the Aeroexpress, but since a) I got there after it departed (they leave every half an hour) and didn’t want to spend 30 precious minutes waiting and b) I wanted to ensure I’d get there on time, I opted to pay 3,000 rubles (~$60) for a 30 minute tax ride to Sheremetyevo Airport. My driver didn’t speak any English, but my Russian was basic enough where I could understand and have some basic communication with him. Long story short, I did get there on time, and that’s partially due to the relaxed security measures. My flight from Moscow to Amsterdam was uneventful, and I hope the rest of my trip stays the same!


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