Link of the Day: 7 Tips for Traveling to Iceland

Iceland holds a place in my heart, as it easily is the best country I’ve been to. While the idea that it remains an underrated place to travel to, the statistics say otherwise-it is one of the most popular destinations these days. Courtesy of the awesome Andrew Evans, here are some tips for new, and even returning, visitors to the gorgeous North Atlantic country.


One thought on “Link of the Day: 7 Tips for Traveling to Iceland

  1. A good read! Thanks for the link.

    We are planning on a trip to Iceland ourselves and have been looking for help and advice from other bloggers. We would appreciate if you could leave any advice on our post so that we have as much to blog about as possible when we go. Our post about Iceland is . If we manage to do something you suggest then we will post a link on our blog to yours. It would be nice if bloggers could help each other out!

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