And now for something completely different

I know I’m one of many, many travel blogs out there, and sometimes, I feel that my perspective on the world is limited. After all, there’s only so many places I’ve been to (so far) and I know people are curious about other strange, exotic lands. So, I’ve enlisted the help of Alex from TRVL101 to share his experiences. Aside from being a fellow UMW Eagle, he’s an extremely insightful source of how to travel as a student, so I highly recommend checking out his site! While this is a short interview, I thought it would break up the monotony my blog is currently going through with a fresh voice. Enjoy!

1) What’s the next big destination/trip of yours, and why?
A: I’ve got three trips for this winter break, Chicago, Beijing, and Mexico City. I’m super excited for Beijing because this is my first excursion to the far east. What I’m not excited for is the 14hr direct flight from DC to Beijing haha.
2) What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had while traveling?
A: Maybe because of current events, but my most memorable moment from traveling was when I was in Havana, and we were speaking to our waiter. My grandfather was joking saying he was Jesus and that he walked on the water from Florida to Cuba, to which the waiter replied “Can you teach us? If Cubans could walk on water, the country would be empty tomorrow.” Which really hit me and I was like “Woah.. this is real”.
3) Have there been any WTF moments you’ve encountered and/or seen?
A: One WTF moment was when I was in Mexico and I was being sold a cigar. I politely declined but the man kept pushing and I said no I’m not a smoker. and he says “oh you like the white stuff huh? (referring to cocaine), and I was like, nope I don’t like that either. He claimed it was cheap but I was already on my way”.
4) Of the countries you’ve been to, which ones would you recommend? Are there any underrated ones you wish more people traveled to?
A: I am a HUGE fan of eastern Europe, specifically Bulgaria and Georgia. When I went to Sofia, I had low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s cheap, an incredibly walkable town, the food was amazing, everything you needed! Georgia was an interesting blend between Middle Eastern and European cultures. The architecture of the buildings are unique, the food has the spices of the Middle East, and the lackadaisical life style of Eastern Europe. I plan on taking a trip that goes from Sofia to Varna, then ferry to Batumi then to Tbilisi. That’d be one hell of a trip.

5 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. Bulgaria is one of those countries on nearly no one’s list of top places to go and yet always delightfully surprises those who venture there. There’s a heckuva lot to discover between Sofia and Varna.

    • So I’ve heard! Bulgaria is especially high on my list, considering I’m in Moscow. Gonna try to make it out there this summer if possible.

      • Much depends on your interests – archeological, historical, natural/ecological, active (hiking, skiing, swimming, rock climbing, etc.), quaint villages, big cities, etc. Let me know your interests and I would be happy to give you my entirely personal and subjective suggestions.

      • I would like to spend some time doing activities but also seeing the historical sites. While I like big cities, sometimes they can be overwhelming so smaller cities would be cool to explore as well.

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