An Ode to Bosnian Coffee

I don’t drink coffee. There, I said it. However, there IS one exception: the only coffee that I really, truly like can be found in the criminally underrated country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In what is arguably one of the lasting legacies left by the Ottoman Empire, coffee is an art form. There’s something so fantastic and magical about it, and it’s probably the only coffee I’ve had where I can drink a ton of it. (For extra effect, drink it while relaxing at the top of the Yellow Fortress in Sarajevo. It’s an amazing way to take in the view of the city from the top of the majestic hills.) Why? There’s really no particular reason. Maybe it’s the beans, maybe it’s the combined Bosnian-Ottoman magic, I dunno. Maybe the power comes from the decadent style in which it’s served. Or could the technique of pouring it play a factor? After all, you feel pretty fancy pouring it into your cup from the nifty contraption called a džezva. Before you rush to get your caffeine fix, don’t forget that the manner of pouring your coffee is important, as it would impact your ability to get the all-important foam. However, some of the credit must be given to the Ottomans who introduced this particular style. Just be careful and don’t call it Turkish coffee-it’s very much Bosnian, thank you kindly. Now, how does it taste? It’s definitely black coffee, but honestly, I didn’t get the impression that it was; the caveat was that I put a decent helping of sugar to go with it, but still. Whatever the case, Bosnians are one of top consumers of coffee per capita in the world, and I absolutely cannot blame them! To this day, what I drank in lovely Sarajevo remains the single purest cups of coffee I’ve had. If me, somebody whom coffee tends to be the ultimate last resort for energy, will gleefully drink it on end, you know you’re doing something right. Coffee lovers (and travelers in general), head to Bosnia ASAP!

For extra reading, I recommend this article by the BBC: From a Bosnian perspective, this article better chronicles the process of preparing it:


Magical Bosnian coffee. I cannot recommend it enough!


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