Festivus for the Rest of Us Travelers

Everybody’s favorite Seinfeld holiday is today, and in honor of it, I figured I’d fall in line and vent my frustrations that I have about travel. After all, the airing of grievances is an essential part of Frank Costanza’s legacy. While I have written posts about cultural differences as an expat compared to home, this will focus on general travel/what I experienced during 2016. So, let the grievances commence!

  • Feeling like you’re not as good a traveler because you can’t get away and go to super exotic places. I’ve seen plenty of amazing bloggers post pictures on social media and think “Man, I wish I could live their lifestyle.”, so I’m jealous. Some people have said they get free accommodation and the like, which is clever, but I still feel that it’s taking the easy way out. In a way, I feel guilty that I actually am committed to a country via work, but at least I get to explore the massive country of Russia. Therefore, stick that in your pipe!
  • For that matter, a lack of focus on less exotic places in the world. I get the fact that certain regions of the worlds are frankly undesired for travel. However, I feel that if you’re as exotic of a traveler as you claim to be, you’d try to go to different places. So yes, I am calling out some travel bloggers on this. And yes, I do plan to go to those places I’ve mentioned.
  • People who put far too many hashtags on their Instagram posts. I get that we all want to be seen, but does that mean you need to put twenty tags up? Put your phone down, reevaluate that need to hashtag everything, and enjoy your destination.
  • People who don’t give hostels a chance. I don’t care how stubborn I am about this, but you’re a bit elitist about your lodgings.
  • Crying babies on planes. I know that yeah, it can be rough for them, so this might be a bit unfair. But honestly, I’ve been stuck behind far too many to be generous at this point, especially if I’m flying 9 hours on the way home. Thus, this is one of my grievances.
  • That one inevitable guy who holds up security because he didn’t prepare. Bro, what were you doing all this time? As an added bonus, I inevitably get stuck behind him and can’t break away.
  • Wi-Fi in airports being slow and/or non-existent. If you’re going to have people stay in terminals in varying states of comfort, at least give us competent internet to kill the time. Also, what’s the deal with limited internet access? The vast majority of airports don’t tell you how much time you have, so why would you lag behind?
  • Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Full stop.


So, what are your travel-related grievances you’d like to air (haha I’m funny)? Let them fly!*


*pun absolutely unintentional


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