Four years in Russia!

To be honest, each year gets more surreal thinking I’ve survived for one more of Earth’s  trips around the sun in everybody’s favorite capital, Moscow. Despite saying this every time, I still cannot believe that things have, on the whole, gone pretty well. This anniversary happens to coincide with the 871st birthday of the city I’ve since called home, which is a happy coincidence; the fireworks in my neighborhood are just the proverbial feathers in the cap.

What’s changed since last September 8th? Since May, I’ve been in a fantastic relationship that’s pushed me to become a far better human being. Polina and I have explored far more nooks and crannies of miscellaneous Muscovite neighborhoods than I’d ever done in the preceding three years, which has resulted in lots of fun as well as unearthing new places to eat/drink at! Wandering around the surprising amount of green space Moscow has to offer is a nice break, especially since I hadn’t realized the extent of their ubiquity. During I’ve just overcome my annual summer financial crisis, and this time it was a bit more serious than usual. Personally, I started playing on a hockey team with a great bunch of guys, so that’s gotten me into shape; the Russian approach to training is no joke. While unfortunately Aussie rules footy has been on hiatus since last year, I’ve also come out to the Gaelic football, and they’re where the craic can be found.

Teaching feels a bit more easier, which makes life better. No, I’m not perfect, but every year brings increasing levels of confidence, which in turn helps me feel like I belong here. While I’m still in my twenties, I continue to grow and mature. It’s not all fun and games, but adulthood isn’t the easiest thing to navigate, much less one spent halfway around the world. If anything, I’ve been able to speak a lot slower and clearer than I used to as well being (slightly) better at managing my time. So, this job is still teaching me how to improve myself!

In writing this short post, it’s reminded me of how blessed I am to be here in this situation. As a former teacher told me, “Not many people can say they’ve done what you have done.” That’s why I keep on pushing and pushing. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be in this position since I never knew that something like this would happen. I just look forward to seeing what new updates I can add this time next year!


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