Five years of journeying

This post was in the works for a while, but since today is my anniversary of moving to Moscow, I decided it would be appropriate to expand on it. First of all, I’m blessed to be where I am. Lord knows how many times I’ve stated it, in various forms, but being an ESL teacher has given me the chance of a lifetime. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it simply doesn’t feel real. “I’m working in Moscow? For five full years? Straight out of college?” It’s a dream that I get to live out!

There’s really not much to say other than the fact that I feel blessed to be where I am. After all, five years of living abroad is still quite some time, albeit I know others who’ve surpassed the decade milestone here. Having the friends and colleagues that I have give me a sense of purpose, and seeing the progress of students never ceases to please me! Every day is a matter of routine, but knowing that I’ve been able to settle into one has given me an invaluable peace of mind. And once I have that, I’ve been able to pursue hobbies in sports and exploring the wonderful city that is Moscow. It’s not 100 percent easy, but all in all I’m happy that I’m here teaching, exploring, and learning. You still do, after all this time, miss stuff from home (such as a real bed; sofa beds can be decent, but what I wouldn’t give to have something more cushioned) but I’ve long since adjusted and adapted to these trifling matters. Got to, if you want to stay in a land that is candid in its learning curve. And I think that after all this time, I’m a better person for that!

I do apologize for keeping this short, but it’s honestly hard to find the words year after year. The status quo is god, but it’s my friend here. What more can I ask for?


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