I guess that the first thing I should do here is talk about my first time abroad. You can’t hear it, but there’s a drum roll in the background making this seem more dramatic than it is. But without further ado, the first time that I ever traveled abroad was in London. My parents took my brother and I over to visit some friends there, and little did they know that they would start my favorite pastime-traveling. The very first thing I remember from it was hacking my lungs out on the bus to our hotel, thanks to the ever healthy London smog, and my dad offering a box of apple juice to help me out. Our friend the Johnstons helped us, as we visited their house outside of London and went to Windsor Castle via an ever patient Mr. Johnston driving us there, as well. Oh, and they took us to a pub, where Calum and Miles were having a go at each other, which made eating our fish and chips a lot livelier. With London, we went to the Tower of London, went to Trafalgar Square, and took in the sights, among other things. Also, as I’m currently looking directly at them, I bought a little flag of Wales (it seemed like a really cool thing at the time, that dragon on their flag) from a souvenir shop and a little Windsor Castle guard figurine-I held that thing dearly on the ride back from the castle. Cuisine wise, I remember little outside of having fish and chips other than the fact that I drenched my otherwise bland cereal with a ton of sugar. Think Rice Krispies, and you’ll have a great idea of what my breakfast’s were like, but with cereal. And since sugar connotes hyperactivity, I’ll end this inaugural “post with subsistance” here, just so you’ll be anticipating the next posts.


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