The first probably controversial thing I’ll be posting

This is food for thought here, but one of the travel writers whom I respect, he says that in Japan, they view America as a third world country. It seems radical and quite preposterous to say, but it actually makes sense. He says that they have highly trained employees who are on duty 24/7, their public areas are super clean, their technology is always up to date, and there are no homeless there. To us Americans, these reasons may be too blunt; however, I do feel that he does raise good points. As mighty as we’d like to believe that the US is, the reality is that we still have a long way to go in terms of matching up with some countries, and these would include things that we don’t normally think about. From what I’ve seen in my travels, it’s clear that some countries value certain societal aspects better than the US, namely public service. That being said, it was a little bit jarring to see food stand vendors in Denmark be some of the outliers in this concept-namely, they weren’t up to the standards that we associate when we think about Scandinavia, aka being organized and solid English speakers. Guess every country has those people in developed countries.


One thought on “The first probably controversial thing I’ll be posting

  1. veddy interesting. I like these controversial topics. That’s how you can write a marketable book – with Controversy! Just gather up your crop of controversial stuff and package it = good read. Speaking of controversy, is it CONtroversy (<-American), or conTROVersy (<-Brittish)?

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