Hi guys, quick update here. I’m slightly sick (sore throat and runny nose), but otherwise doing well. This program has been amazing so far, as the people have been amazing, the lectures have tought me a ton, and Prague is absolutely gorgeous. Today, we visited the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was fantastic. I think it’s awesome to be able to see where they make decisions as well as negotiate with other ministers in treaties. In fact, our guide for the day was the former representative for the EU! Pretty neat stuff for sure. This comes after we had visited Czech parliament on Friday. So yeah, I’ve been able to see a decent amount of the Czech government’s office. Sadly, I’ve got two days left to go in this program-I’m going to miss everybody and Prague too. Though on the other side, I’ll be going around the rest of the country for another week. Stay tuned on my adventures!


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