Goodbye Prague, ahoj Plzen

Well, today was the day when I sadly had to say goodbye to Prague and all of my fellow participants in this year’s European Summer School. I just would like to take the time to say that I thoroughly enjoyed their friendship and company, and want to thank them for these past 12 days. However, today also marked the start of another trip: my week long trip through the rest of the Czech Republic. As I write this, I currently am in Plzen, the main city in Western Bohemia. If you followed it on Facebook, I have started to develop a theme of being late/having transportation issues, and getting here continued that. After getting to the main train/bus terminal in Prague, I bought a ticket for Plzen. Should have been a straightforward roughly one hour trip, right? Well, when I was getting to the platform I saw my train pulling out. Whoops. Fortunately, the train on my right was heading in that direction, so I ended up getting to Plzen via Biroun. On the plus side, I was able to see the absolutely gorgeous Czech countryside, so it wasn’t all that bad. Also, it’s the nature of travel, and it definitely spices things up; one thing for sure is I am getting my money’s worth already for my trip! Now, I’m about to explore the city! Stay tuned for my next (mis) adventure!


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