Last day in Plzen

As the title indicates, this my last day in Plzen before I head off to Brno for a few days. I was prematurely woken up my the neighbors at 7 AM, as my hostel is in an apartment complex in the middle of a residential area. However, they stopped and I was able to get another hour of needed sleep. Once I woke up, I savored the relatively cool temperature in the room (it’s been in the mid to high 80’s in the country most of the time I’ve been here), before I headed out to check out the Patton Memorial. For those of you who don’t know, General Patton and his army helped liberate Plzen and the western part of the Czech Republic, and would’ve gone all the way to Prague (and probably changed the course of history), if not for politicians. The man working the desk actually had been to the Washington, D.C. area and had been to the war memorials; he was pleased to hear that that was where I was from. The museum wasn’t too big, but it was packed with tidbits and knowledge-I’d actually recommend it if you’re ever around Plzen! Until today, I had never realized how much of an impact American troops had had in the Czech Republic. A ton of the pictures dealt with the joy of being liberated from the Nazis, and they were touching. When I was leaving and thanked the man for being a grateful host, he told me that this museum/memorial was the sole work of him and a buddy. So, visit it and support them! The other thing I’ve done today was to take an underground tour of the city, sponsored by the Brewery Museum/the Pilsner Urquell brewery. It was about 50 minutes, and I won’t deny that being undeground a cool was very welcome. We saw how historical the underground was-the Pilseners have used it to store food and water, keep their beer cool, as well hide from invaders. There were a few exhibits down there, and they were dug up from the old wells. It was neat to note how these artifacts were from the medieval times and to see how peopld centuries ago lived. When we were down there, I was getting somewhat of a Phantom of the Opera vibe, as it was pretty cavernous. All in all, it was a neat trip, and essentially paying $3.50 for a relief from the warmth worked out well too.


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