On the go

Well, today was pretty much a travel day. After prematurely being woken up the loud Germans in my hostel, I pretty much just spent the time prior to checkout by cleaning up my side of the room and packing/making sure I didn’t leave anything behind. From there, I left to go the Plzen train station where I would make my way to the south of the country to Brno. The options I had were to either a) go to Ceske Budejovice and take a bus all the way to Brno and take 7 hours to get to Brno or b) go to Prague via train and then connect there and take another train to Brno. Guess which one I opted for? No surprises, going back to Prague was far better. (If you recall from a few days ago my little incident with catching the train, well, mercifully a repeat was avoided.) The train to Brno was very uneventful save for having to take the stop before the main station that I would have preferred to have arrived at. I did get to see a lot of the small towns and villages, in addition to the gorgeous southern Czech countryside; compared to Bohemia’s flatter fields, Moravia was primarily forested. We passed through the outskirts of Brno, and given that I saw a lot of Soviet-style housing and old industrial buildings, it was an auspicious sight. However, I had read (and now personally witnessed) that the center of town is a beautiful place. That’s really all that happened today, but I have a full day of exploring Brno tomorrow!


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