Gardens galore: my last day in the Czech Republic

As far as last days in countries go, today wasn’t bad. The title is a giveaway, obviously, as to what I did, but I spent a decent chunk of the day in Olomouc’s parks and gardens; nothing beats relaxing on a beautiful day in nature! Honestly, I was a bit surprised at how many parks/gardens Olomouc has, but hey, that’s not a bad thing! The first one I went to to start off the day was by the old city walls. The unique thing about them, I thought, was seeing the houses perched on top of the “cliffs”-it was unique and some of them were just bubbly and cute (there’s no better wayd to describe them). After spending an hour or so there, I moved on to visit the Olomouc history museum. Admittedly, I was still a little tired from not getting as good a sleep as I’d liked, so I didn’t digest as much information as I would have liked to. Still, I got a better appreciation for the city and the region’s history; it’s fascinating to compare and contrast every country’s history, in my humble opinion. From there, I spent a fair amount of time navigating the side steets and their little shops and restaurants. Honestly, I love getting to feel how the average resident of these cities live, as the street life is so vibrant. Lunch was spent in a slightly tucked away pub that served excellent fare; gotta love that in-house beer! After making a sojourn to the hostel, I was then back out in the city. Appropriately enough, I spent another hour and a half in another garden. Yes, today evolved into a “relax and people watch in a homely garden” theme. In an event that I wasn’t quite expecting, on the bridge there I ran into two Mormon missionaries, of all places; one was from Utah (surprise surprise) while the other one was from Italy (surprised, right?) They were nice, and it was great to be able to converse in English again. Not much else happened once I was there, but that’s a sign of a relaxing few hours out in town. Now, tomorrow will be a pure travel day, and after the better part of three weeks, I’ll finally be home! I’ll be leaving bright and early to catch a train to Prague, where I’ll hopefully avoid my last few travel (mis) adventures. Until then: Czech Republic, it’s been a pleasure. Can’t wait to be homeward bound!


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