Last leg of this trip: Olomouc

Well, I’ve now reached the last part of my trip: the historic capital of Moravia, Olomouc. As always, it’s a blast exploring new cities, and Olomouc is no different! I think that having spent time in Prague, Plzen, and Brno really has given me an appreciation for the history, layout, and the people of these cities, not to mention the contrast of the two (biggest) regions. My intitial thoughts on Olomouc when arriving was how modern it was-it didn’t look like the Soviets drastically altered it. As it turns out, Stalin didn’t touch the historic center, much to the relief of the people. Another factor is how the city is a bustling university town, and one can see how that is reflected. All in all, it’s a charming city that seems very liveable.

As is becoming normal for this solo trip, I just walked around town once I checked into my hostel. (My hostel, Poet’s Corner, is a homely one and the staff are super great, extremely relatable, and are helpful! I’ve only been here for a few hours, but this place feels like a home away from home!) After having been to Prague’s bustling main square, other cities in the Czech Republuc, by comparison, don’t seem as extraordinary, but Olomouc’s is cozy; one feels like it is inviting enough, and that it almost wants you to stay and enjoy yourself. Having walked around the core of the city, I was impressed at the blend of old and new. As a result, sightseeing was fun and when I wanted a break, it was a cinch to sit down for a beer and good food. So far, I’m enjoying myself, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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